Q. Do I need a partner?

A. Currently, due to Covid, we are teaching all classes with social distancing in place. This means we now have separate classes for couples and individuals. You will need a partner for the couples classes, but you can come alone to the individuals classes.

Couples classes are for couples who share a household or bubble. We don’t mind what relationship you have (mum and daughter, same sex couples, two friends dancing together, everyone is welcome!) but one of you will be dancing leaders steps, and the other will be dancing followers steps.  You will be dancing in hold with your partner, but with social distancing in place from the other couples in the class.

Individuals classes are for those without a dance partner. All routines are taught and danced solo, and socially distanced from the other participants. Eventually we hope to partner up once restrictions have been lifted.

Q. Do I need to wear a mask?

A. Current guidance (May 2021) from the World Health Organisation states that masks should be worn when entering a venue and preparing for an exercise class, and when leaving the venue, but not during the exercise class itself.

Q. What should I wear?

A. There is no dress code for our classes. Wear something that you feel comfortable in, that doesn’t restrict your movement too much. Footwear is more important – see below.

Q. What shoes are suitable?

A. Men should wear comfortable flat shoes with a smooth sole. Ladies should wear comfortable flat or low-heeled shoes, with a smooth sole. Trainers are not as good, as they are designed to grip the floor and can therefore restrict your movement when you’re dancing. You can get specialised ballroom/latin dance shoes (you’ll see us wearing them) – but do try out the class before you spend any money on these!

Q. Where can I buy dance shoes?

A. We can recommend retailers that sell dance shoes, please come and ask us for details. However, we suggest you do try out the class for a few weeks before you buy the shoes!

Q. Do I need to enrol?

A. Currently, booking in advance is essential as we are limiting numbers in each class. We offer booking through the website, please see our portal page. However, if you would prefer to try out the class before committing to a full term, we can usually accommodate this, but please check in advance with us – some of our classes are fully booked in advance. 

Q. What happens at the end of my 12-week course?

A. We continue running the classes for as long as we have enough interest. Just keep coming along at the same time, and you will progress through the levels with your fellow class-mates. Some of our classes have been running for several years in this way.

Q. Why am I classed as a Beginner for a whole year?

A. Ballroom and Latin dancing includes ten dances in total: five Ballroom and five Latin dances. That’s a lot of different dances to learn! We teach a mixture of the Ballroom and Latin dances in all of our classes, gradually introducing new dances while building up the routines of the ones you already know. Because you are learning several dances at once, it takes a while to master them; this is why you will be classed as a beginner for a year.

Q. I’ve danced before. Which class should I join?

A. Look at the “classes explained” columns under each level for an idea of how much experience you need for each class. You are also welcome to try out a few classes to see for yourself which one suits your level the best. Please contact us and we will suggest a suitable class for you.

Q. I’ve missed a few classes. Can I come back?

A. Classes are taught progressively, so we usually teach something new every week. Missing a week here and there is normally not a problem, as we always go over any new steps the following week, so you should be able to catch up fairly easily. However, if you have missed several classes, you may wish to book a private lesson to catch up with the steps.

Q. I have two left feet. Can I join?

A. Of course! We specialise in two (or even three) left feet! Dancing is all based around walking, so as long as you can manage to walk in through the door, we will be able to teach you some dancing.

Q. What age group are your classes?

A. We find that our dance classes are popular amongst all age groups, from younger wedding couples to older retired couples and everyone in between. Most of our classes contain a good mix of different ages, but we never can predict exactly who will walk in through the door at our next beginners class. All we would say is that you need a basic level of fitness to do the class (i.e. you can walk up the stairs…)

We also teach children’s classes, from age 3 upwards. So that pretty much includes everybody!

Q. Do you teach one-to-one lessons?

A. Yes. You can book a single lesson or a series of lessons, it’s up to you. We will tailor the lesson to your ability and what you want to learn. We teach all of the ballroom and latin dances, plus several others! 

Private lessons are arranged to fit around your schedule. We have daytime and evening slots available.

Q. Do you teach wedding dance lessons?

A. Yes. We teach first dance lessons for your wedding, or other special occasion. We can choreograph a dance to your specific music, to fit your venue and tailored to your ability. In the past we have taught many different styles as wedding dances from passionate Rumba to romantic Waltz, and even a few fun-loving Charlestons!

Enquire now and we will get back to your with our current availability.