Missed the beginners class?

It’s not too late to join our October beginners class. If you’ve never been to any dance classes before, you can join the class up to week 3 and you should still be able to catch up. After week 3, we recommend you book a private lesson to go over what has been taught before you join the class.

If you have had some dance classes before, you may be able to join an existing class, depending on how much you’ve done before – please contact us for guidance on which class to join.

We start beginners classes every few months, so if you still can’t make it, you can always come to the next one, which will be starting in January 2015 – check back in a few weeks as the details will be confirmed soon.

3 Replies to “Missed the beginners class?”

  1. Hello,

    My partner and i would like to join the beginners class. But as it is late, we were hoping to book a couple of private lessons. How much does this usually cost and who do we contact to book?



  2. Hi Mary-Anne, we have just finalised the details of our next beginners course – on Fridays starting in January. However if this is not convenient, you can book a few private lessons to catch up to the Monday class and come to that instead.

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