Cardiff beginners: 10th Jan

Our next course in Latin and¬†Ballroom dance for complete beginners will be starting¬†on 10th January. It will take place on Thursdays from 6pm-7pm in St Mary’s Parish Hall, Tabot Street, Canton, Cardiff.

To book come along on the first night to enrol, or to reserve your place in advance please send us a cheque for your 6 or 12-week course, along with an SAE, and you will receive a voucher for the course.

Contact us for further details.

5 Replies to “Cardiff beginners: 10th Jan”

  1. Hi,

    My Wife and I are intrested in teh Ballroom dance lessons starting on the 10th Jan? How do we dign up? How much is it?

    Cei Rees

  2. I have only just come back to Cardiff from holiday. do you have any spaces left for your Ballroom and Latin Classes on Thursdays? I am not a complete beginner, and I don’t have a partner, but I am very keen to improve my dancing and don’t mind repeating anything!!



  3. The Thursday 6pm class is now full! If you have danced before, I think you may be best coming on a Friday evening at 6pm at Cathays Methodist Church as there is space in that class.

  4. Unfortunately I have a commitment on Friday evenings, so that won’t work. However, thanks for your reply. Improving my rather basic ballroom dancing standard is an ongoing wish of mine, and I am away from Cardiff quite a lot – which makes it difficult enough, plus there is the problem of not having a partner. So I will wait for the next opportunity and try to sign on. Will that be alright with you?

  5. I would like to surprise my wife with ptavire lessons for her birthdayShe has been bugging me about going dancing and I can’t dance a step what can you offer for beginner couple and would you have a gift certificate I could present her with on her birthday

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