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  1. hi i am interested in doing your beginners class which starts on 24th october. i dont have any dancing experience at all

    also i am profoundly deaf and starting to enjoy listening to music again with the help of a cochlear implant

  2. Hi Karen, please come along on the 24th October to enrol. It’s designed for complete beginners with no previous experience so you’ll be in good hands. Any problems please speak to Darren or Faye on the night.

  3. Hi, i am a trained dancer, but i havnt trained in latin or ballroom, but am very quick at learning! is there a higher class you advice me to go and try or strictly beginner?

  4. Have a look at the full timetable and choose a beginners level 2 or 3 class to start with (e.g. Wednesday 8.15pm). This will probably suit your level better than complete beginners.

  5. Hello I’m looking into doing ballroom dancing,
    I’m very shy and not very confident and don’t like working in big groups so do you do any privet lessons and if not how many are on a class:)?

  6. Hi I’m looking into doing ballroom dancing with my friend ,and we was just wondering if you do any privet lesson as we are very shy and dont like to be in groups,if not how many are
    in a group:)

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